Understanding the difference between home care services and the services offered by a care home will be crucial in helping you decide whether we suit your needs or not.
For most of our services, we follow a stream line process. You will be informed of the process specific to your service requirement when you enquire about our services. At the very least, the following process will be follow

Initial Referral

When you realized that you need our services, you or your representative may have approached Essential Care Agency directly. Alternatively, you may have been referred to us. In all cases, information about you which is passed to us is dealt with sensitively and in confidence. Before providing any services we will need to talk with you as the person who is going to receive the service, perhaps with your family or representative if there is one. At the very outset we ensure that the services we provide are suitable for you and meet your individual needs.

Your Care Assessment


Assessing the Risk

If you have decided to have our services provided in your own home, you will know of course that it carries some risk. The staff is unlikely to be with you all the time so there will not be the same level of support as you would receive, for example, in a residential home. On the other hand you retain your independence and many people find that, on balance, a measure of risk is worthwhile. Nevertheless, we want to be sure that everybody concerned understands the risks and have thought about them responsibly and that the risks to be taken are not unreasonable or unnecessary. So, with you, we carry out a risk assessment, weighing up the risks to be taken with the advantages, and if it seems appropriate we will make suggestions as to how unnecessary risks can be minimized.

We Understand Your Specific Needs

All of us are different; we have our own likes and dislikes. At Essential Care Agency, we mould our services around you, and do not expect you to mould around our services.
Whether you choose our hourly care services or 24 hour live-in care, you will always have the undivided attention of our carers. They understand and promote you to make your own decisions, from the small things such as what you would want for breakfast to the bigger questions of how to live your life.
Essential Care Agency delivers highly skilled medical services that enable elderly, chronically ill, disabled, and recuperating patients to receive the medical care they need in the comfort and privacy of their home. All of Essential Care Agency’s services are provided with one goal in mind: To promote the highest degree of recovery, comfort, and independence.

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Assessing Your Needs

We at Essential Care Agency feel it is good practice to complete a Needs Assessment ourselves. To do this we will need to ask you detailed questions, and probably seek information from your family, your doctor, and any other specialists who know about your health and other needs. The assessment will be carried out by a specially-trained member of staff. We will arrange a convenient time and day with you, a family member or representative to visit your home.
We hope that you do not find the process by which we get to know your needs too intrusive. We want to construct a full picture and we will do this as quickly and tactfully as possible. Remember, all your information will be treated confidentially. Our aim is always to make sure that we understand what you need and what your preferences are about services, so that we can respond in ways which really suit you.

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Client Care Plan

Having assessed your needs and the risks in the situation, we then — again with help from you and your family or representative — prepare a plan for the service we expect to deliver. This is called the Client Care Plan, because you as the client really are central to it. It will specify the services we will provide, with details like timings of visits and the special tasks to be performed. The Client Care Plan will state what we all hope to be the objectives of providing the service and how we plan to achieve those objectives.

We Cater for all your Needs

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