Joan Williams

“Seems to be doing great things so far , my Mom is doing great with her assistant, my sister is happy for the that day of rest when the help goes in. The service is on point just keep up the good works Guyana needs more service providers like yours.”

Bibi Mohammed

“Thank you to Essential Care Agency for providing such an efficient service. Our family are very grateful for this service. It has given us peace of mind as we are not able to care for our mother due to living abroad……”

Mrs Smith

“I know I would not have been able to afford to have my wound care for if it wasn’t for Essential Care Agency. All the trips to the hospital, going back and forth and all the waiting around is gone! Now I have a nurse that comes to my home and the wound is getting better. Thank you all.”

Dason Anthony

"Amazing service!"

Simon Bennard

“We never thought we would need someone other than our family member to look after our mother. But with Essential Care Agency, it’s like having a family member. The carer soon became like one of us and treated our mother with the dignity, love and care she deserves. We couldn’t have asked for a better service. Thank you for bringing such excellent service to Guyana.”

Ramesh Persaud

“Great move, nice experience for Berbice. Keep up the good work…. Just my suggestions for your team of dedicated, hardworking, thoughtful staff. Blessings to you all

Deborah Samuels

“I never thought Guyana would have such a service. I thank the ladies for setting up such a wonderful service. I pray that it continues. My carer really knows her job. Can’t imagine what I would have done without her…….”

Darling Khaimraj

"I take this opportunity to thank you guys at Essential Care Agency Guyana for the good work you guys contributed in doing keep it up"

"I would also like to thank Nurse Spellen omg she has done a fantastic job , Thanks once again my dear u r so Good"

Still Providing the same Excellent Services



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